Safety and Security Window Film

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Safety & Security Window Film

Safety and Energy Efficient window film solutions for your commercial building, store or office

Window Film makes your building safer, more secure and saves energy. Commercial buildings derive great benefit from having window film installed.

Prevention of Burglary and “Smash and Grab” crimes - Tough and resilient, security window films provide effective deterrence against burglaries, “smash and grab’s” and other property crimes.

Reduces glare and improves employee productivity.Glare is a function of light and choosing the right window film can massively reduce the glare affecting your tenants. Studies have shown that reduced glare improves employee productivity and tenant comfort.

Smash & Grab robberies – Security Window Films are tough, resilient and strong, preventing windows and store display glass from being easily broken through. Security window films can slow down and stop smash and grab crimes. 

Burglary– Burglars and thieves typically enter buildings though the easiest access points, most often windows and doors. Applying security window films to your windows and doors makes it much harder to enter into the buildings thorough the glass, deterring thieves and protecting your property.

Smash And Grab | Window Film

Safety films can be found in any place where glass breakage poses a threat –

  • Homes, commercial buildings,
  • Retail stores,
  • Shop-fronts,
  • Bomb proofing
  • on government buildings And even cars.

All our safety and security film

Blocks much of the sun's harmful UV rays protecting health and reducing fading.

This is very common among large shop front displays who want to create optimum vision for the customer.

Window Film | Smash And Grab

Featured Window Film:

100 Microns Clear Safety

  • Makes existing panes safe
  • Protects you against the suns UV rays
  • Slows down burglars